The Top 10 Places to See in Chile (Part 2)

5. Valparaiso

Loved by the native Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, located in Central Chile, Valparaiso is a large chaotic port. This is the urban and innovative center of Latin America and it was the first place to have a volunteer department. It is known for its underground street and urban art movement and working class roots. Valparaiso is mostly known for lovely bright colored houses, nightlife, and the best seaside sights, rather than tourist attractions.

4. The Chilean Lake District

The Chilean lake district stretches from Temuco in the northern part and Puerto Montt in the southern part. It is home to dense green forests, crystal-clear lakes, and snow-capped volcanoes. Nowadays, one can find untouched nature and lakes such as the Los Alerces National Park also known as Chile’s Yosemite.

3. San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama is one of the most visited places in Chile. It is a town on the edge of Austere, known as salt plains and endless flood surrounded by amazing coppery mountains. One can have an opportunity to see the undiluted night sky, which is here considered as the best way to spend the night!

2. Torres del Paine

torres-del-paineIt is a glaciated southern part of Chile and known as the towers of blue. There are three large pillars in the park that gave it its name. It is the home of horns, mountains, and old glaciated lakes. One can explore this park with a mini van or horseback riding tours, but mostly it is a foot-only national park.

1. Easter Island

Easter Island is located around 3,500 km from the heart of Central Chile and is today one of the greatest mysteries in the world. The island is treeless and full of giant and hollow-eyed stone statues. The human stone figures are carved by Polynesian visitors and are probably the greatest gift to their ancestors.