The Top 10 Places to See in Chile (Part 1)

10. La Serena

La Serena is the second oldest town in the Chilean nation. It is located in the north and is full of interesting architecture and the golden beach. It has got a quite good reputation as a highly intellectual little town and some really amazing sights that fit that description. For every outdoor enthusiast, there is a bike tour through the Elqui Valley, swimming, snorkeling, diving and hiking through the Isla Damas and the national park at Fray Jorge.

9. Santiago

Santiago is the capital city of Chile and now is the cultural and political heart of Chile. There is so much to see in the city of Santiago, from the most amazing high mountain of the Cerro San Cristobal Park to Pablo Neruda’s lovely writing retreat. Top sights and things to do in Santiago are skiing in Valle Nevado and Portillo, the wine tasting at Vina Aquitania and the visit to the museums – Museo Chile de Arte Precolumbio and Museo de la Moda.

10. The Chiloé Island

The Chiloé Island is in the Los Lagos Region and is part of the Chiloé Archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. It is the second largest island after Tierra del Fuego in South America. Due to its physical isolation, it has got a quite special local culture. Also, the Spanish and Jesuit missionaries constructed the unique wooden little churches to bring Christianity to the Chiloé Archipelago.

7. The Iquique

The Iquique is a Chilean casino and beach town. It offers a long boardwalk and, of course, the magnificent 19th century Aztoreca Palace in Georgian architecture. It is also called, the Monte Carlo of South America and Chile. One can even go shopping in the attractive duty-free district and to try the local Chilean cuisine in the street Baquedano.

6. The Chilean Fjords

the-chilean-fjordsThe southern Chilean coast is a synonym for a coast full of fjords. The channels provide the only access to this particular part of the Patagonia region. The trip usually starts from Puerto Montt to Carretera Austral, Puerto Natales, and Laguna San Rafael. Travelers can see whales and sea lions.