The Amazing Chilean Cuisine

the-amazing-chilean-cuisineBecause of its location and the fact that it has a very long coast, Chilean cuisine is diverse and quite unique. It arose from the traditional Spanish cuisine and its tradition due to long Spanish colonization in its history. Part of Chilean culture and cuisine was brought by European immigrants like the Germans and Italians, who brought different traditions and styles of cooking.

The most important mark on the Chilean cuisine had French cuisine in the 20th century. It marked an important and a huge turning point in the cuisine by influencing the culinary methods and inventing a Criollo style that has been implemented now and forever in Chilean cooking and cuisine.

The British cuisine influenced the Chilean cuisine, too. It has given Chileans the onces and tea breaks, which are usually taken somewhere in the afternoon. That custom is common for all Chileans and all backgrounds and classes.

A lot of Chilean recipes are accompanied and improved by Chilean pisco and wine. Chilean pisco is a type of Chilean grape brandy but is also consumed and liked in some parts of Peru.

Each part of the Chile has its own unique cuisine, but some dishes are known signature for the whole Chilean region. Because of its long history, Chile has the exotic cuisine and interesting mix brought in the Chilean cooking by different nations that conquered them and the old ancestors. Due to the long period of Spanish colonization, Chilean cuisine is probably the most similar to Spanish cuisine, however, some dishes can be found outside the Chilean borders, but nothing compares to the Chilean way of cooking and its local supplies for the dishes.

The List of The Most Famous Chilean Dishes

  • Arrollado de Huaso
  • Asado
  • Bistec a lo Pobre
  • Charquicán
  • Sopaipilla
  • Chilean salad
  • Chilenitos
  • Churrasco
  • Curanto
  • Cola de mono
  • Empanada
  • Manjar Blanco
  • Humita
  • Pan de Pascua
  • Marraqueta
  • Pastel de choclo
  • Mote con huesillo
  • Porotos granados
  • Pebre
  • Cazuela