Why is Chile One of The Most Beautiful Countries

why-is-chile-one-of-the-most-beautiful-countriesThere are numerous reasons why one should visit amazing the Republic of Chile. These are just some amazing places, which can be seen, next to clear and probably the most amazing skies in the Universe:

  • The bays of Chiloé are located on the south of the city Puerto Montt. It is a beautiful and largest island in the Chiloé Archipelago in Pacific Ocean. On the bays, one can notice many different endemic species of animals and plants.
  • The old beaches of Easter Island are best known for its huge Moai human figures.
  • The amazing lonesome sand dunes and its surreal world of the Atacama Desert, which is one of the top tourist attractions next to the Easter Island.
  • The massive cold glaciers of Tierra del Fuego.
  • The magnificent granite walls and towers of Torres del Paine.
  • The lovely penguins, which can be seen at Punta de Arenas.
  • The active Volcán Villarica outside of Pucón.

Another reason why one should visit this beautiful and gorgeous country is an amazing mix of Spanish, indigenous Chilean and French cuisine. Also, one of a kind architecture which is brought to Chile by the Spanish conquerors and missionaries, that build unique churches only seen in Chile. A long coast and many, many islands in Pacific ocean are full of endemic animals and plants, whales, sea lions and rare birds. Next to all of this, there is amazing culture and nature, which inspired the poet Pablo Neruda. Chile, especially its capital, Santiago remained his inspiration and part of his soul. Warm and approachable, simple people who live in Chile are an extra reason why visit this country at the end of the world as its old and ancient sights, which are on the Earth longer than most of the modern world. The Incas had seen the richness and importance of Chile long time ago as a part of the ancient civilization.

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A Brief History of Chile

Before 20th Century

  • Around 12,000 BC – the first humans arrived in Chile.
  • 15th century – the Incas conquered the northern Chile.
  • 1533 – the Spanish conquered the Incas in Chile.
  • 1540 – Pedro de Valdivia, a Spanish fellow, invaded the Chilean south.
  • 1540 – Pedro de Valdivia founded Santiago, today’s capital.
  • 1553 – the Mapuche (Araucanians) rebelled led by Lautro and Caupolican. They sacked the Spanish settlements except for Concepcion and La Serena.
  • 17th century – the population of Chile was around 100,000.
  • 18th century – nearly 500,000 people living in Chile, mostly mestizos or mixed race.

20th Century

  • 1914 – Chile exported nitrates, but collapsed and that led to the unrest in the country.
  • 1924 – the military decided to intervene in the politics in Chile.
  • 1925 – a new Chilean constitution.
  • 1930’s – economic depression in the world and economic collapse of Chile, which led to instability in the government.
  • 1932 – Chile restored the stability when Arturo Alessandri became the president.
  • 1958 – Salvador Allende, the Socialist, became the president.
  • eduardo-frei1964 – Eduardo Frei, a Christian Democrat, was elected president and made a minimum wage reform.
  • 1970 – Salvador Allende was elected president and nationalized industry.
  • 1973 – Augusto Pinochet and the Chilean Army conducted a coup. It was an age of brutal military dictatorship in Chile.
  • 1980’s – Chile entered a recession.
  • 1980 – Pinochet drew up a constitution.
  • 1988 – the end of Pinochet’s ruling.
  • 1990’s – Chile enjoyed economic growth, which continued in the early 21st century.

21st Century

  • 2006 – Chile got its first female president! Her name was Michelle Bachelet Jeria and her Socialist Party defeated National Renewal Party and Sebastián Piñera.
  • 2010 – Sebastián Piñerawho was elected in as the first right-wing president in twenty years. Chile joined the OECD.
  • 2013 – Michelle Bachelet Jeria returned to the office as the president.
  • 2016 – the economy of Chile is growing and has a population around 17.5 million.
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