Everything You Wanted to Know About Chile

On this site, you can find some useful information about Chile and its culture, history, and tourism. Chile is occupying a narrow and long part of South America between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes on the eastern side. It has friendly borders with Peru, Argentina, and Bolivia. Its capital is Santiago, famously known as „Santiago de Chile“ and in the whole country, there are around 18 million people. Chile is known as the country “where the land ends“ and “the end of the world“, because of its geographical position in the world.

Chile is one of the most stable countries in the South America. To the north of its territory, there is the Atacama Desert, very rich in mineral resources, especially in copper. On the other hand, on the southern part of the country, there are various volcanoes, lakes, and huge territories of the great forests. To the south, you can also find canals, inlets, fjords, peninsula, and many, many islands (Juan Fernández, Desventuradas, Salas y Gómez and Easter Island located in Oceania). The interesting fact about Chile is that it claims to be one big part of Antarctica, however, it is suspended due to the Antarctic Treaty.

As one of the most developed countries and the nations in Latin America, Chile is highly ranked in income per capita, human development, a state of peace, low corruptness, economic freedom, general competitiveness, and its democracy. This long and narrow country is one of the founding members of the UN, which shows the important role of Chile in both, Latin America and the world.