Easter Island And Moai Human Figures

  • Location: Ester Island (Rapa Nui National Park) in Chile

Description of Human Figures

Rapa Nui’s mysterious statues also called Moai stone figures are head-and-torso figures, carved in huge stones. The average figure is approximately 13 feet (4 meters) tall and around 14 tons. There are 400 statues appearing in all stages of completion and fascinating condition.

Symbolism And Characteristics

easter-island-and-moai-human-figuresThey stand in silence and evoke enormous respect to its creators. No one really knows why the Rapa Nui people constructed this magnificent and enormous human figures, but most of the highly educated scholars think that Moai figures were created to honor their ancestors, important persons in the village and chiefs. There is no way to know as a fact because there is no written evidence and little oral history on the island. For sure, this island remains an enigma.


A Polynesians and its society blossomed in this little island after they arrived in a fleet of wooden canoes. This tiny island is located in the huge vastness of the ocean. They lived in isolation with the nearest island being around 1,770 km far from this unique culture. Rapa Nui developed such a unique and distinct artistic and architectural culture, nowhere to be seen, but here. The culture reached its golden age during the 10th to 16th centuries, when they erected and carved around 900 Moai figures all across the Easter Island.


Nowadays, tourists on Easter island are numerous and mostly visit so-called Rano Raraku quarry. Rano Raraku quarry yielded the stones, which were used to create the Moai figures. They left the quarry in an amazing condition, that is one of the reasons that it receives many visits from foreigners. However, because of the rapid deteriorating of the volcanic stones due to weather, those priceless carvings are becoming plain rocks once more. This reversing creation process is one of the main subjects of conservation efforts to help preserve the amazing legacy of Rapa Nui.