A Brief History of Chile

Before 20th Century

  • Around 12,000 BC – the first humans arrived in Chile.
  • 15th century – the Incas conquered the northern Chile.
  • 1533 – the Spanish conquered the Incas in Chile.
  • 1540 – Pedro de Valdivia, a Spanish fellow, invaded the Chilean south.
  • 1540 – Pedro de Valdivia founded Santiago, today’s capital.
  • 1553 – the Mapuche (Araucanians) rebelled led by Lautro and Caupolican. They sacked the Spanish settlements except for Concepcion and La Serena.
  • 17th century – the population of Chile was around 100,000.
  • 18th century – nearly 500,000 people living in Chile, mostly mestizos or mixed race.

20th Century

  • 1914 – Chile exported nitrates, but collapsed and that led to the unrest in the country.
  • 1924 – the military decided to intervene in the politics in Chile.
  • 1925 – a new Chilean constitution.
  • 1930’s – economic depression in the world and economic collapse of Chile, which led to instability in the government.
  • 1932 – Chile restored the stability when Arturo Alessandri became the president.
  • 1958 – Salvador Allende, the Socialist, became the president.
  • eduardo-frei1964 – Eduardo Frei, a Christian Democrat, was elected president and made a minimum wage reform.
  • 1970 – Salvador Allende was elected president and nationalized industry.
  • 1973 – Augusto Pinochet and the Chilean Army conducted a coup. It was an age of brutal military dictatorship in Chile.
  • 1980’s – Chile entered a recession.
  • 1980 – Pinochet drew up a constitution.
  • 1988 – the end of Pinochet’s ruling.
  • 1990’s – Chile enjoyed economic growth, which continued in the early 21st century.

21st Century

  • 2006 – Chile got its first female president! Her name was Michelle Bachelet Jeria and her Socialist Party defeated National Renewal Party and Sebastián Piñera.
  • 2010 – Sebastián Piñerawho was elected in as the first right-wing president in twenty years. Chile joined the OECD.
  • 2013 – Michelle Bachelet Jeria returned to the office as the president.
  • 2016 – the economy of Chile is growing and has a population around 17.5 million.